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 Fly Fishing & Casting Clinic 



'The best way to get started  


Learning to fly cast is most easily accomplished with personal instruction & there is no better way to receive that personal tuition than from the casting instructors from Fish Hard Cast Easy Fly Fishing School. Apart from being former Australian Casting Champions, they are Certified Casting Instructors with Fly Fishers International or Accredited Casting Instructors with the Australian Casting Federation (ACF) or both.

If you want to become a better fly-caster, a more knowledgable fly fisher an enthusiastic explorer of rivers, lakes and streams, search no further.


Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or an advanced caster or you're looking to become a casting instructor, Fish Hard Cast Easy has a course tailored for you.

These courses have been created in cooperation with members of Fly Fishers International and the ACF.  We have modules covering all aspects

of fly-casting and fishing from beginners to the Advanced caster.


A little bit about fly fishing and
          a lot about recovery
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