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Whether sharpening your skills
or you’re just beginning, Fish Hard Cast Easy
 Fly Fishing School was created with you in mind.





Learn how to fly fish, or hone your skills, in our ½ day or full day sessions with Australia’s top fly fishing and casting instructors.

Learning to fly fish with Fish Hard Cast Easy is fun and 'easy', and our ½ or 1day Fly-Fishing Schools will teach you everything you need to know to embark on a lifetime of angling enjoyment,










Spey casting with the two handed rod is becoming more and more popular. Interestingly, what were once specialized casts now appear to be revolutionizing fly fishing in Australia and New Zealand. There is also a growing number of saltwater anglers who find the extra length of these rods very helpful for casting the fly out over the surf or casting into strong winds.

The advantage to fly fishers in learning to spey cast is that in situations where a back cast is difficult, water becomes accessible to the fly that was previously the province of hardware, bait or float fishermen. 

In Fish Hard Cast Easy's 1/2 day class you will be introduced to the basic principles of Spey and Skagit casting. we will discuss spey rods, lines, reels and leaders. 

The instructor will demonstrate spey casting principles and will teach the most common spey casts for beginners including the Switch Cast, Single Spey, Snap-T, Snake Roll and Double Spey. Intermediate spey casters often attend this class to learn how to cast sinktips, fine-tune their skills, try different casting styles, and try various spey rod actions.







BOOKED OUT  for 2023                                   (Sorry maybe next year)


Spring Bootcamp: On the Tongariro;                     August/September 2024


Once the late winter, early spring flows have kicked in high gear on the Tongariro, the name of the game is big fish on streamers, glo bugs or nymphs. Our goal in this bootcamp is to teach you how to catch big Rainbow Trout drifting glo bugs or nymphs.  wet lining with streamer patterns .


  • We have spots for 6 to 8 anglers. First come, first served and spots will fill up fast. If there's enough interest, we may expand to more sessions.

  • The cost will be $3950 per angler for six nights lodging, five days fishing (with guides),  food, and flies.

  • We advise bringing your own rod, but if you don't have a suitable one, let us know and we can make arrangements. We suggest a 7 or 8 weight rod either single handed or switch. Sinking lines for wet lining and floaters for nymphs and glo bugs. You could get away with a 6 weight, but we'll be throwing big flies to strong fish.

  • Plan accordingly.

  • 50% deposit will hold your reservation. Book via our website @  to snag a spot.

















Our 1-Day Advanced Fly-Fishing School will take your fly casting to higher levels: This is a program designed for intermediate to advanced casters who want to improve on distance and accuracy, and learn special presentation casts. Class sizes are small so you will receive maximum attention and. Video analysis included
Pick up a fly rod at the Fish Hard Cast Easy ’s Fly Fishing School, and you'll be casting like a seasoned angler in no time flat. Our expert instructors help you with everything from setting up the rod, to fly selection and knots, to how to safely release your catch.

Whether you plan to stalk brown trout on the South Island of New Zealand, Rainbows in the Snowy’s, or sailfish off Broome. . You will learn the proper casting techniques to fish rivers, stillwater, and casting for game fish in saltwater.






Preparation course for the FFI CCI Exam

This course is designed to support future candidates for the FFI Certified Casting Instructors exam. Here they will learn how to perform the required casts and how to teach them in the most effective way. It is a casting and teaching clinic only. Training will be conducted on grass and water. Of course you can also take advantage to improve your casting level regardless if you want to go for the CCI certificate later or not. It is a high end course providing the highest level of teaching and student participation. 

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